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Give a piece of holiday with vouchers and gift cards from RUEFA.

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  • Subsidiary of the Austrian Transport Agency
  • Leading online travel portal
  • Tailor-made holidays
  • Over 100 travel agencies in Austria
  • Own RUEFA platform for rail and air travel

Digital printable vouchers and gift cards enable more efficient direct sales for tour operators.


Initital situation

As the leading online travel portal, RUEFA had already set itself the goal of exploiting the possibilities of direct voucher sales in 2011. The goal was an uncomplicated purchase option for customers as well as travel agency employees and flexible redemption for the voucher owner.


The solution

The voucher management system, in combination with the gift card system, enables sales in over 100 RUEFA branches as well as automated online sales around the clock. Another very high customer benefit was achieved by linking the incert voucher management system with travel booking on the website.
The voucher redemption is therefore not only possible in the branches, but also online. The cross-branch logic of all voucher sales and redemptions enables automated billing and represents a considerable added value for the RUEFA head office.

Partners and interfaces

  • Cross-branch redemtion of vouchers and gift cards.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed directly in the online booking process.
  • Sales and redemption data are automatically made available for further processing in the in-house systems.

“With the introduction of the RUEFA Premium Gift Card, our 120 travel agencies have been provided with a high-quality, contemporary and sales-oriented card product & voucher system, which have perfectly replaced the previous analogue travel vouchers. The changeover went smoothly & the team around incert is always on hand for individual adjustments and quick support.”

Andreas Kraus<br/> Head of Marketing, Transport Office RUEFA Reisen


orders per year


redemption logins for verification and validation of incert vouchers and gift cards


card codes administered in the incert system


The simple process of selling and redeeming vouchers and gift cards is very customer-oriented on the one hand and also saves valuable staff resources. The linking of the voucher database with online booking gives the voucher additional appeal as a gift. By selling gift cards on site as well as online, RUEFA has been able to significantly increase voucher sales.


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