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Shift up a gear in your communication and marketing, because guest data is the easiest way to communicate and interact successfully. The good news: you are already the proud owner of valuable buyer data. But are you using it? With automated communication channels around your eCommerce and loyalty systems, you can introduce additional guest services without additional marketing resources, boosting sales for your voucher, ticket, store or subscription system.

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Ready to use! - Increase your eCommerce sales through marketing automation

Automated reminders for gift occasions, birthday messages or automated mails for shopping cart abandoners - all possible thanks to existing guest data in your incert systems. Benefit from a ready-made setting with automations set up and put your marketing on auto-pilot. Provide new or existing guests with individual and relevant information in no time and fully automated. Per incert system, you can activate or pause the predefined communication campaigns.

Actively use order & guest data in your incert systems to realize the full potential
Can also be used specifically for active lead generation of new contacts and e-mail addresses
Ready-made setting of preset campaigns and transactional emails from incert eCommerce & Loyalty systems
Can be combined with downloads of incentives, coupons and vouchers on own landing pages

Many more functions and benefits

Save resources and gain time

Time is money. Sending automated emails not only saves time, but also human resources. As a result, your employees can be relieved of manual processes and focus on other important tasks while the email campaigns run themselves. Thus, increase efficiency in your day-to-day business.

Guest communication made easy

Targeted, fast and uncomplicated - Marketing automation simplifies communication with your guests for you. Through targeted and predefined actions, your business will be remembered by shoppers and you can draw attention to yourself.

Get more out of your coupon business

With targeted and predefined email routes, you can boost your sales through many ways such as cross-selling or reminders of an upcoming event. Sending coupon codes here is a very effective way to increase sales and encourage guests to make a purchase.

Multiple combinable

Marketing automation can be used for all your incert systems. Be it for your coupon store, ticket system, store system, subscription system or your campaign system for lead generation, etc. In doing so, the automated routes run as if by themselves - successful marketing for minimal effort.

More efficient use of data

Currently, your guest data is only collected in your incert systems. Don't let it lie useless, make something out of it and combine this valuable data with marketing automation.

Attracting new guests and leads

Not only existing guests are activated and motivated by marketing automation, but also new guests who, for example, only buy a voucher for relatives or acquaintances. Expand your guest base with the help of targeted incentives!

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