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Combined online and on site sales - the new standard.

Großes beleuchtetes Hotel in Froschperspektive

Empire Riverside Hotel

  • Modern lifestyle hotel in Hamburg
  • Incredible location right on the River Elbe
  • 327 rooms & suites
  • 2 restaurants & sky bar

Voucher system, gift card system and ticket system under a centralised administration


The situation

Modern hotels tend to use various IT systems across their restaurants, bars and reception counters. Back in the day, vouchers and tickets sold on site needed to be printed, verified and validated manually. The goal: increasing sales while simultaneously lowering costs and preventing mistakes.


The solution

An appealing shopping experience with the option of buying print@home vouchers and gift cards with various packages was created. With the ticket system, events such as New Year’s Eve are marketed and admission tickets are sold online in an automated process. The shop was directly integrated into the new website in the design of the Empire Riverside brand. The printer produced individual gift cards and packaging which are available in the online shop and on site. Our interfaces enable seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure, ensuring frictionless processes in the individual departments.

Partners and interfaces

The open nature of our technology enables hassle-free connection to existing IT systems on site. At the Matrix cash registers for instance, gift cards can be debited and credited, and vouchers verified and redeemed. The PMS system Protel is able to verify and validate vouchers or gift cards and deduct them from the visitor’s invoice. Event tickets are quickly and simply scanned and validated with the incert app at admission.

Our processes have been significantly simplified by the voucher and ticketing system, so we continue to see a promising and steadily growing increase in revenue in this area.

Anna Hassler
Head of Marketing & PR | Empire Riverside 


sales per year


voucher variants, ticket types and coupon codes are administered through the incert system


interfaces to online payments, accounting systems, hotel systems and cash register systems


The automated online and on-site sale of vouchers, tickets and gift cards was achieved with minimum administrative effort. During on-site handling, the direct connection to the cash registers and to the hotel and accounting systems prevent any source of error.


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