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Next Level Data Maintenance - Back-END with AI support (beta)

In today's fast-paced digital world, optimizing your systems is critical. With our latest AI enhancement in the administration area, we offer you the efficient tool to achieve just that. Relieve yourself of time-consuming tasks and focus on the essentials: Your daily business and your guests.

Most importantly, our AI technology should be a support for you and is not a must-have. You decide when and how you want to take advantage of it. Discover the next level of data maintenance - tailored for your success.

The functions of the AI support of the back-END at a glance

To simplify

Content generation made easy thanks to AI

With our AI support in the incert administration area, you can create high-quality category and product descriptions for coupons, tickets and store items. The AI suggests suitable texts based on your predefined keywords and adopts them in the system. The advantage of this is that the texts are optimized for search engines and guests can be addressed in a more targeted manner. Based on the content of the descriptions, you can also generate a suitable product or category image.
And best of all, you retain full control over when and how you want to use these functions.

To translate

Your language assistant for fast translations

Our AI technology gives you the ability to seamlessly translate your texts into other languages. With this feature, you can make your range of offers accessible to a wider audience, without any additional effort for manual translations. It's easier than ever: at the click of a button, your text is automatically translated from the default language into the language of your choice. Best of all, the formatting remains intact during the translations.

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Expansion of our help center: AI integration as a kind of "chatbot"

A new widget has been added to the incert administration system with an AI integration in the form of a "chatbot" that supports you with your questions. In doing so, our help center is searched and provides you with the desired information. So if you have future questions about voucher redemption, investment, issuance, etc., it is no longer necessary to contact our support, but you will receive your answer in seconds.

To improve

Automated SEO optimisation of images and texts

To optimise texts and images with regard to SEO, you can easily create meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords based on the product and category descriptions by integrating AI in the incert administration area. Alt text can also be added automatically to uploaded or generated product and category images. This ensures that your texts and images perform better in search engines. Since AI technology automates the entire process of SEO optimisation of texts and images, manual deposit of metadata is no longer necessary. This saves you time and resources that you can invest in other important activities of your daily business instead.


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Our customer support is refreshingly different

As incert eTourism, we have been pioneers since 2007 in online sales in the tourism sector and market leaders for voucher systems, gift cards, ticket systems and customer loyalty clubs. We provide our clients with established turnkey e-commerce and loyalty systems for direct sales and guest relation management through their own channels.

incert provides a Web-based integrated solution for sales, marketing and customer loyalty. Users such as hotels, cable car operators, restaurants, spas, leisure businesses and destinations trust our solutions featuring multi-product shopping carts and cross-selling between coupons, tickets, products and rewards.

You can choose freely between the incert system versions and can flexibly expand them at any time with additional modules. You decide on the scope of the setup and services. The continuous invoicing has no fixed costs or license fees; instead, it is simply in relation to your use of the system, based on our fair-use principle. 

Perfectly implemented e-commerce and loyalty systems may be a little expensive at first, but they have a higher yield and level of interactions and are quickly amortised as you use them. In addition, automated processes via interfaces reduce possible sources of errors and manual labour and as such lower internal costs.

An innovative idea gave birth to an established company that provides exciting jobs in digitisation to many young, talented people. incert has gained the trust of many reputed top companies and partners and with its expert competence and experience transforms innovations into success. incert’s products and services are safe investments for your future.

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