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One Valamar voucher for all of Croatia. Redeemable in all 52 establishments – from Istria to Dubrovnik


  • Founded in 1953
  • 33 hotels & resorts in Croatia
  • 3 hotels in Austria
  • 15 camping resorts
  • 5 brands

The pioneer of Croatian tourism presents: All you can holiday – with vouchers


Initial situation

With 36 hotels and resorts in Croatia and Austria as well as 15 first-class camping resorts along the breathtaking Croatian coast, Valamar was faced with the challenge of digitizing voucher sales and processing for all establishments. Above all, staff were to be relieved of this second-tier task and billing was to be automated. In addition, every voucher sale in Croatia must be registered in the financial system, which also had to be taken into account.



The solution

For the first time in this major project, an interface to Microsoft Dynamics - the Valamar Group‘s CRM system - was developed. The front end of the stand-alone portal system was adapted to the CI in order to present the variety of offers in an appealing way. Attractively presented, vouchers can be personalized according to gift occasions and are delivered digitally. The special feature in the background: the voucher codes are generated directly in Valamar‘s system, and payment is issued and processed via an interface from the incert system. The invoice itself - this is necessary due to Croatian tax law - is sent directly to the end customer by Valamar. The redemption of the voucher then takes place in Valamar‘s system and is then transferred back to incert (for checking). This means that Valamar can use Microsoft Dynamics as a sales interface to manage the voucher codes and incert takes care of the entire process in the background, which remains hidden from the end customer. With „Call Center Booking“, a pay later function was developed in which vouchers are sold by telephone and can be paid by credit card. Due to the successful collaboration and rebranding, a relaunch was commissioned. In addition, „Custom Voucher Amount“ will make it possible to select any amount as a voucher value in future.

Partners and interfaces

Various interfaces were connected to ensure a smooth process in all operations. A comprehensive interface to Valamar‘s CRM system was created from scratch. In order to ensure the fiscalization of vouchers, a further interface to the Croatian National Bank was implemented with WS-Pay.


Collaborating with Incert has been a real pleasure - the integration process was seamless, thanks to their support team who were remarkably responsive and always ready to assist, ensuring swift solutions to any challenges we‘ve encountered. Incert stands out for their intuitive online voucher system that has significantly enhanced our customer experience and the has genuinely delighted our customers!

Vanessa Suran
Web sales department manager | Valamar


With the introduction of an online voucher system, Valamar has relieved the staff of 52 establishments of administrative tasks. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics and the cooperation with incert enables efficient voucher management and automated processing. Customers benefit from personalized vouchers in a user-friendly front-end, while tax compliance is ensured. These innovations have led to a rapid amortization of system costs and are resulting in further increases in online sales, giving the Valamar Group a strategic advantage in the Croatian market.



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